1. Design To Test

    Start thinking about testing before you write a line of code. - Cowsay

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  2. Geeks And Repetitive Tasks

    Geeks And Repetitive Tasks

    image credits, http://thebluedrag.blogspot.com/2015/11/gui-vs-cliklm-speed-analysis.html

  3. Configure, Don't Integrate

    Implement technology choices for a application as configuration options, not through integration or engineering. - Cowsay

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  4. Update Existing AWS S3 Bucket Object Metadata

    So for example to add cache-control header to an existing objects metadata data we need the S3 command line client :

    s3cmd --recursive modify --add-header='Cache-Control:max-age=604800,public,must-revalidate' s3://bucket-name/

    tested working on version 1.6.1

    aws s3 s3cmd
  5. You, On Full BLAST

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